Foris - sostenibilità ambientale

The team Foris l’Origine delle Idee, is committed to working with the aim of reducing their environmental impact and helping to safeguard nature.

Efficient use of resources Resources are a valuable asset, and it is important to use them responsibly. Primary materials, packaging, water and energy are available in limited quantities and LE+D is working to reduce their use throughout the production chain of its products.

Waste management Foris l’Origine delle Idee, has adopted a policy for the general reduction of waste and better management of the production chain and, in line with the EU recycling guidelines, is committed to the recovery and organized management of waste produced by the company.

Corporate wellbeing People are important to LE+D – Foris l’Origine delle Idee, and the company strives to offer its employees a work environment dedicated to promoting sustainability, diversity and gender equality, and fostering a business climate based on cooperation. .

Foris - Efficienza, risparmio energetico e riduzione consumi

Energy saving

Foris l’Origine delle Idee, is increasingly investing in renewable energy.

A first step was to introduce hybrid company vehicles for both for customer management and transport and commercial travel.

Another important contribution is our use of LED bulbs — a sustainable choice since the energy used for lighting accounts for about a quarter of the world’s energy consumption. By offering LED lighting products, the company’s goal is to help customers live a more sustainable life and reduce energy consumption.

We are also working on increasing our use of renewable energy and energy-saving tools, finding creative solutions for optimizing the efficiency of our production processes, and developing innovative initiatives for sustainable sourcing and processing of raw materials.

Foris - Attenzione all'ambiente e riciclo materie prime

Natural and biodegradable materials

The company has set itself the goal of increasing their use of renewable and recycled materials, reducing waste from the production chain and improving the way in which products and services for customers are designed.

This is in order to prolong the life of its products and to consider them resources for the future.