wall lamps

The Foris l’Origine delle Idee wall lamps combine the typical functionality of these models with the interactivity that is at the heart of our philosophy

frame wall lamp

Foris - Frame Applique Cromo Pelle Zaffiro Tre Cornici Pulsante Remoto

Frame Applique

Low-voltage structure interior lamp support in polished nickel-plated steel or chrome to house one or more magnetic light frames. Available with a foot pedal or wall switch for lighting control (maximum 3 frames per support).

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Spigolo thus becomes a transverse object of light thanks to the infinite possibilities of horizontal, vertical or diagonal installation by means of two end attachments, available in various colors.

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lampade mondrian da parete/soffitto

Mondrian Parete Noce Testa di moro

Mondrian Parete

Interior wall lamp consisting of a luminous frame inserted between two wooden cubes placed at opposite ends. (Directed wall lighting)

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Mondrian soffitto

Mondrian Soffitto

A ceiling lamp for interiors composed of a luminous frame sandwiched between two wooden cube supports. (Light directed downwards)

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