Foris l’Origine delle Idee

Foris l’Origine delle Idee, is a brand Made in Italy, an offshoot of LE+D – Light Engineering + Design — a company that operates in the field of luxury lighting with links to the retail, wellness and hotel industries. The desire to create unique objects fusing the know-how and technology of LE+D with the innovative design of Cristina Serra and Alvise Tormene, respectively CEO and president of the group, led to the founding of the Foris brand in 2016.

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The culture of light

At the heart of the brand’s philosophy is the culture of light, the desire to convey the importance of sources of illumination not as mere light fittings, but rather as real objects of light and design that enhance living spaces and the elements within them through artful synergy between matter and the waves of light flowing across it.

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Building on the founders’ passion for art, and the consolidated experience of LE+D in the field of LED lighting, Foris, the origin of ideas, proposes bright objects that re-interpret the concept of interaction between the people and lighting. The ability to orient, position and adjust the elements that comprise them enables maximum exploitation of our highly customized products.

See the movement of the Mondrian model table lamp
Mondrian da terra singola


Tailoring is a hallmark of the brand, which offers bespoke objects of light and design, studying every detail on the basis of the environment in which they will be placed. Each product is unique, and the result of the efforts of a team made up of lighting experts and local specialized artisans to process the raw materials, which range from metal to wood, to leather.

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