Culture of light

At the center of Foris’s philosophy lies the culture of light: the desire to convey the importance of the light source not as a simple piece of furniture but as an object of light that enhances spaces and interior design choices.

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The evocative power of lighting combined with the functionality of technology and aesthetic research and design. Foris studies and creates luminous objects that interpret the concept of interaction between the person, the light and the environment.

Foris is the interaction between light and people

Our lamps are designed to enhance a dynamic, elegant lighting principle with a strong personality. The possibility of orienting, positioning and regulating the elements that make up our lamps allow a full, rich and satisfying use of light.


Foris seeks synergies between noble materials and luminous vibrations. Foris is pure light, which penetrates the environments and gives depth and new shades to the colors of our life.

Foris is sartorial craftsmanship for light

Tailor-made consultancy in the design of ambient light design is a distinctive feature of the Foris brand which offers tailor-made light objects, studying every detail on the basis of the environment in which they will be placed.

Each Foris lamp is unique, and is the result of the work of a team of expert designers in the lighting sector and local specialized artisans who work with raw materials: wood, leather, metal with a tailored method that makes exclusivity its strength and uniqueness of the entire product range.

Technology and innovation

Refined design combined with dynamism and technology, a mix of craftsmanship and know-how that can be found in all our creations.

Assumptions of continuous research that continuously investigate the balance between light and color so important to aspire to a harmonious and satisfying result.

Our lamps

The desire to create unique objects in which know-how and technology merge with an innovative design are the basis on which all the development work of the Foris lamps is based.

All the lamps guarantee an extreme customization that does not end in the choice of finishes and colors, but extends instead to a decision-making plan that allows you to modify the structure and consequently its light output.